Publishing Agreement

When the authors send articles, they agree that;


They are passing all of the copyrights over to IJESIM without an expiration date.


IJESIM is a non-profit journal, and even if profit was considered, this would be in order to continue the scientific activities, and with this in mind, they will not request any payment whatsoever.


Submitting an article doesn’t guarantee both it’s publication and the unpublished articles being returned to the author(s).


The copyrights they have passed over to IJESIM will not be negotiable by them or any other 3rd party, and no allegations are to be made.


Any imputation that may occur over the article by 3rd parties will be in the responsibility of the author(s).


They will comply with all the rights specified in the law number 5846 on intellectual and artistic works as the authors.


If their rights have been violated as a result of their article being published in IJESIM, the journal can follow the issue if it sees this as necessary.


They will submit their articles within the specified shape, form and time range to IJESIM and handle the necessary corrections specified by the IJESIM Editor(s).


By submitting their article to IJESIM, they are assumed to have agreed that the article they have submitted belongs to them, they have not submitted the article to any other journal or platform, nor has it been published in any other platform and at last but not least that they have written the article with the awareness of the academic ethics.




May transfer all or some of the powers and rights which are conferred upon it by this agreement to another natural or legal entity, or get into a partnership with third parties.


The Parties agree that,


The addresses specified in this agreement are their legal notification addresses and it is agreed by both parties that the legal outcomes of any legal notifications sent to these addresses unless changed with a letter of advice through a notary will be in their responsibility.

Hereby with this agreement, both parties agree that the disputes caused by the application and rendition of this agreement will be attempted to be solved amicably, and in other cases where the disputes cannot be solved amicably, the courts and enforcement offices of SAKARYA are authorized to deal with the matters.


Important Note

From now on, you can reach our journal (International Journal of Educational Studies in Mathematics (IJESIM)) at this address: You can reach the previously published articles at the same website address.

Since the website also serves as our archive, for our new journals starting from January 2018, you can reach the articles or submit your articles at

Date of announcement:   2018-01-18

IJESIM New System !

IJESIM have updated article submission system. With the new system will be able to send articles easier. 

Date of announcement:   2016-08-29

Member of Crossref

IJESIM became a member of Cross Reff since December 2014 and started to assign DOI numbers to the articles.

Date of announcement:   2016-12-06

ERPA Congresses 2017


Dear colleagues,

ERPA International Congresses on Education 2017 will be held in Budapest/Hungary- the big scientific, economic, cultural and educational centre of Balkans and was named as “Jerusalem of the Balkans”- between 18 -21 May 2017. It is an honor for us to invite you to ERPA International Congresses on Education 2017 in which your invaluable contributions will help us to have a fruitful organization. I hope that you will have pleasant memories of this congress which will be a chance for you to meet colleagues, have the opportunity to discuss your work, and establish the ground for new collaborations and joint efforts.


Hope to see you in Budapest/Hungary in May. 

Best regards,

Date of announcement:   2016-12-06

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